'Total Bellas' Season 7 in Production Amid Coronavirus, Nikki and Brie Bella Reveal How They're Staying Safe

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella appeared as guests on Maria Menounos's daytime talk show, Better Together with Maria Menounos, and the Total Bellas stars revealed how they've been keeping safe during quarantine while still filming. While most of Hollywood's productions are shut down currently, or have been filming remotely from inside each person's home instead of a studio, that's not true for the former WWE wrestlers! In the interview, the sisters revealed details on how they were able to keep their show running amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"We all quarantined for 14 days," Brie explained on the talk show, which airs on Menounos' YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels Mondays through Thursdays. "[We] could have no contact with the outside world. It was such strict rules and regulations, and then once we all did the 14 days quarantine, then we all had to take coronavirus tests. And then once those tests came in, then, we all are together, but still quarantined, like all isolated." After Menounos asked to clarify if they were quarantined with the crew, her sister confirmed. Brie then continued with, "It's actually nice because we get to talk to other humans ... I sometimes feel bad for them [the crew] because they have to be in protective gear all day: like masks, gloves, sanitizer. We don't have to be in masks but we all check our temperatures."

Currently, both sisters are pregnant and due sometime in the summer just weeks apart. In a recent episode of the hit E! show, fans got to see the moment when Nikki suspected she was pregnant — and her reaction was much different from that of her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev. In the Thursday episode, fans got a behind-the-scene look at their special moment when the wrestler, former Dancing With the Stars pro and Nikki's mom, Kathy Colace, could be seen discussing the pregnancy test before viewing the results.

Meanwhile, her sister Brie and husband Bryan Danielson tuned in via FaceTime as they eagerly awaited as well. When the results showed negative, the look on Nikki's face and her saying that she was "relieved" was a much different reaction than that of Chigvintsev, who admitted he was a little sad she wasn't pregnant.


Although the results were negative this time, little did they know they would be expecting their first child together soon enough. The couple announced their pregnancy in January, when the twins made it public together that they were both expecting — something that they say was not planned.