Tori Roloff Shows off Baby Jackson's Outdoors Inspired Nursery

Little People, Big World cast member Tori Roloff is giving fans an intimate look into her home, and showing off baby Jackson's adorable outdoorsy nursery in a new Instagram post.

In one photo, Roloff poses with 5-month-old Jackson and a customized wooden nameplate featuring a biplane and towering mountains. In the next slide, she shows off the nursery itself, which is decked out in earth tones, a mountain mural and biplane mobile.

"Okay to say I love mountains is an understatement, and I'm just praying Jackson loves them as much as his dad and I do!" the new mom captioned the picture.

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The Oregon-based couple has already made quite an adventurer out of their infant son, taking him earlier in the week on an impromptu trip to the zoo.

When Jackson was born on May 14 to Tori and dad Zach Roloff, the TLC couple acknowledged there were definitely some adaptations they needed to make as parents.

"We knew we were leaving our previous life behind, but we were okay with that," Zach told PEOPLE at the time. "We're not doing things on our schedule anymore. We're on Jackson time!"

Jackson has achondroplasia, which is the same kind of dwarfism that his dad has. This will mean Jackson will grow to an average height of 4'4" and have a normal lifespan, but may have problems with breathing or muscle development.


"You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two," said Zach, a soccer coach. "But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it."

Zach knows the genetic disorder will make his son's life more difficult, but "I want people to know that he's just like his dad: being a dwarf is just part of the whole package of who he is."