Tori Roloff Shares Photo of Uncanny Resemblance Between Son Jackson and His Uncle Jacob

Tori Roloff had her mind blown on Sunday when she took to social media to share an image of her brother-in-law, Jacob Roloff as a child looking a lot like her son, Jackson.

(Photo: Instagram / @toriroloff)

In a photo posted to her Instagram Story, Roloff shared a snapshot of her brother-in-law Jacob as a child, held in his father, Matt's arms.

"Doesn't Baby J look like his Uncle J?" Roloff captioned atop the image.

While the resemblance is uncanny, it is known that genetically speaking, all children get 50 percent of their DNA makeup from mom and dad. Additionally, researchers at 23 and Me suggest everyone shares less than 25 percent of their DNA with extended family, including uncles and aunts.

While Jacob did not comment on the image, the evidence is there. From his round eyes and button nose, Jacob looks a lot like his 1-year-old nephew, Jackson.

Jackson and his uncle, Jacob have a close relationship as documented in several images found on the Instagram account of the former TLC star.

This past May, Jacob took to his account to share a tender snapshot of him and Jackson on his shoulders during the weekend of Roloff's 27th birthday.

(Photo: Instagram / @jacobroloff45)

"Jackson's almost 1 year old!! He loves those shoulder rides for suuuuure. Can't wait for Ember to get back from Hawaii cause I honestly can't get enough of these kiddos. (Also happy happy birthday to his fantastic momma [Tori Roloff]," he wrote.

The sweet family moment shared by Roloff via her Stories is just among some of the many shared by the TLC family of four on social media. On Saturday, Roloff took to Instagram to share new family photos while spending time at the South Yuba River Park Association in Penn Valley, California.

"What a fantastic way to spend our day with family!" Tori wrote alongside an image of the "party of three. "Jackson LOVED the water. Murph was unsure but was happy to be cool!!"

The Little People, Big World family spent the afternoon at the South Yuba River, a gorgeous oasis tucked away in scenic and historic Nevada County. Roloff went on to share several images from their time together via Instagram Stories, where their new family member, Bernese Mountain dog, Murphy, was reveling in the summer weather.

(Photo: Instagram / @toriroloff)

Roloff and her husband Zach, Jacob's brother, welcomed their first child and documented his birth on the show. The couple has also been quite open about their life and are in no way slowing down despite Zach's brother, Jeremy announcing how he would quit the series with his wife, Audrey and their daughter Ember.

However, Roloff dispelled speculative talk if she and Zach would also drop out.

"We're not going anywhere," Roloff responded when asked what their status was. "We feel like we're not done telling our story."

Jeremy broke the news of his and Audrey's departure on Instagram earlier this month.

"After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come," Jeremy wrote. "A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can't say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride."


Her brother-in-law, Jacob though has not been on the show for a few years now, explaining his decision via his memoir, Out to See.

"Among so many things, I simply did not want this ridiculous reality TV to use up so much of my time, lest it leave too deep an imprint on my ability to influence the world otherwise," he wrote. "I did not want this imposition to become my identity, and so I rebelled in the manner that I did, and eventually exited the show."