Tori Roloff Celebrates Baby Jackson’s 3-Month Milestones With Adorable Photograph

TLC's Tori Roloff of Little People, Big World is learning firsthand as a new parent that babies grow incredibly fast.

On Saturday, Roloff snapped a photo of Jackson as he lay down on a baby mat of numbers, with twig wreath placed around the three-month mark.

"Jackson is 3 months old!" she captioned, adding that her little one is incredibly smiley these days and loves having his hands in his mouth.

Roloff, whose husband, Zach, is away competing in Guelph, Ontario for the World Dwarf Games 2017, also revealed her 3-month old now weighs up to 14 pounds and loves reaching for things, including grabbing hair.

"[He's] also been moving and stretching like crazy," she writes. "Keep growing little man! Mom and Dad love you!"

And Zach definitely felt that love all the way in Canada while away from his family of three earlier this week. Taking to his own Instagram, the TLC reality star shared an image sent by Roloff that showed baby Jackson and herself sporting "daddy" jerseys.

Last month, the 25-year-old mom shared how Jackson has been "training" his parents when it comes to his sleep cycle, having them work around his time and not the other way around.


In an Instagram Story posted to her account, Roloff shared images of Jackson sleeping, adding the caption, "At the point where this kid has a complete melt down if not in bed by 9:00." In another snap followed by a dozed off Jackson, she ironically frowns and captions, "He's training us well."