Todd Chrisley Reveals Post About the Future Amid Clash With Daughter Lindsie

Todd Chrisley believes he is on the right track, even in the midst of all his family drama. The Chrisley Knows Best star has been embroiled in a highly public legal battle with the state and federal government, as well as his own estranged daughter, Lindsie. On Sunday, he told fans to trust that he is on the right track.

"Questioning my walk, won't change my steps," read the post on Chrisley's Instagram on Sunday.

The words were written over an image of a dirt wrote with the sun rising over a hill. The quirky font was all capital letters except for the I's, and the quote was attributed to Chrisley himself. He added a few more words in the caption.

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Look straight ahead, not side to side, and what’s behind you is behind you for a reason, your future is in front of you ..

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"Look straight ahead, not side to side, and what’s behind you is behind you for a reason, your future is in front of you," the reality star advised.

The post blew up quickly, garnering over 10,000 likes in just two hours. It also had commenters talking. Many sent simple messages of support to Chrisley, but a few weighed in on his recent family controversies.

"Left, right, left, and sometimes a little gangster limp! Let those haters you see you strut!" one fan cheered.

"Reminds me of the verse about Jesus and the footsteps. 'I was carrying you.' God bless! You and your family bring me so much joy!" added another.

"Much love from Alabama. Your family has my support," a third person wrote.

Of course, these days even supporting the Chrisleys can be divisive, as they are not all on the same page. Chrisley and his wife Julie settled their case with the Georgia Department of Revenue, paying some back taxes but not everything the state had claimed they owed. After that, Chrisley launched a countersuit against the director of the department's Office of Special Investigations, Joshua Waites, and his own daughter.

Chrisley submitted evidence alleging that Waites had engaged Lindsie in a romantic relationship, and manipulated her into supporting his case against her parents. As proof, he provided screenshots of text messages, where Waites asked Lindsie to testify against him.


On Friday, Lindsie shot back in a tell-all interview on Dr. Phil. Not only did she claim that her father was lying, but she alleged that he had tried to blackmail her with a sex tape between herself and The Bachelorette star Robby Hayes. After that, she posted her own bizarre text screenshots with her dad, her brother, her sister and an attorney.

So far, fans seem to be split over the whole debacle, and unsure of what to believe. We may have to wait and see it play out in court before we can know anything for certain.