TikTok Star Loren Gray Joins Zak Bagans for Eerie 'Ghost Adventures' Investigation

Loren Gray is taking on a spooky new challenge with the Ghost Adventures team as the TikTok star [...]

Loren Gray is taking on a spooky new challenge with the Ghost Adventures team as the TikTok star investigates California's legendary Joshua Tree Inn in a new episode of the paranormal investigation show premiering Friday, April 9 on discovery+. The singer and social media star, who is currently signed to Virgin and Capitol Records, is along for the ride as Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley investigate the theory that country-rock pioneer Gram Parsons could be behind the eerie and unexplained activity plaguing the inn after his tragic death in Room 8 back in 1973.

During the investigation, Bagans learns that what was once Parsons' sanctuary has long been the site of strange and unexplained phenomena when his team begins to experience "intelligent paranormal activity" themselves, according to a discovery+ release. As they dive deeper into the mystery, "the energy amplifies with poltergeist activity and shadow figures," and it becomes clear the team is in for something far more than they expected.

Things take an emotional turn when Gray joins the team, as she immediately senses an "intense" energy and presence around the team. Teaming up with Bagans to use Parsons' own music as part of their investigation, Gray triggers an unexpected response that has the team convinced the musician's spirit is still with them.

"This was one of the most emotional investigations we have ever done," said Bagans in a statement ahead of the episode. "It literally brought Loren Gray and I to tears, that is how powerful and strong the energy we experienced was. I can say with full confidence that we connected with the spirit of Gram Parsons, and that his presence is still very much alive inside the Joshua Tree Inn."

Bagans has investigated some of the most buzzworthy sites in the paranormal world, even taking viewers inside the gates of Joe Exotic's Greater Wynnewood Animal Park following the success of Tiger King last year for a Travel Channel paranormal investigation titled Ghost Adventures: Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo.

"You definitely feel a presence of dark energy and I think it's from what has occurred there. It was just like holy s—, this is crazy," Bagans told PEOPLE of the investigation, which paused briefly as cadaver dogs detected possible human remains on the site. "Some really incredible things started happening. Honestly, the whole chain of events was absolutely amazing and completely unexpected. We were all tripping out." A special episode of Ghost Adventures featuring Gray streams Friday, April 9 on discovery+.