Thomas Ravenel Exits 'Southern Charm' Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Thomas Ravenel is exiting Southern Charm season 6 as police continue their investigation investigation of sexual assault claims against the former politician.

The reality star took to Twitter Tuesday to tell fans why he made the decision to leave the show.

"I'm not doing the show anymore," he wrote. "In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story. They took advantage of me. I decided I've got too much to lose and informed them I'm not coming back."

His Twitter page is now private, PEOPLE reports.

The outlet reported in May that a victim reported an alleged incident with Ravenel that occurred in January 2015 to Charleston police. The incidents listed on the investigation report are "sex offense" and "forcible rape."

Ravenel's announcement comes a couple of months after Bravo clarified the reality star had not been fired from the series as the investigation was still ongoing at the time.

"No decision has been made yet and the investigation is still ongoing," a source close to the network said at the time.

The second set of allegations against Ravenel came from "Nanny Dawn," the woman who was seen on the show looking after the 55-year-old's children Kensie and Saint. South Carolina police are investigating allegations of sexual assault against Ravenel by Dawn, who said that the alleged assault took place after Ravenel came home from a night out.

"I told him 'this isn't appropriate. I work for you.' He then hugged me as an alternative," she said, adding that she suggested Ravenel go upstairs.

"I went upstairs to get my jacket which had the key to my vehicle in the pocket. I was corralled into the master bedroom and he shut the door behind me. I turned around and he had his pants dropped, not wearing underwear," she said. "He was blocking the door. I was mortified, embarrassed, and scared."

Dawn alleged that Ravenel then "proceeded to rip my clothes off" and she "struggled to redress." She said that she eventually got away and that the father of two is now being investigated for "first-degree forcible rape."

Ravenel was previously accused by real estate agent Ashley Perkins, who shared her mother's alleged story of a date she went on with the reality star.

Ravenel denied the allegations since they first surfaced. However, he skipped the latest Southern Charm reunion.


"My client enjoys a certain degree of fame, which has unfortunately made him a vulnerable target for such claims," Ravenel's lawyer Richard P. Terbrusch told PEOPLE in a statement. "The person this woman describes is simply not the man that I know. My client is a loving father, successful businessman, and upright member of the community. He is appalled and hurt by these allegations — and is committed to defending his reputation in the appropriate legal forum."