'The Voice': Fans Celebrate Alicia Keys Stealing Adam Levine's Singer

During Monday's episode of The Voice, viewers at home were happy to see Alicia Keys steal a singer Adam Levine passed on her.

The show is now in the battle rounds, so Levine picked contestants Maya Base and Drew Cole to sing Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" together. Although the two have very different voices, the two melded well together, with the help of guest coach Julia Michaels.

After the performance, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys praised Maya more than Drew, citing her originality and dedication to the song. However, Levine surprisingly picked Drew instead. The choice shocked many of the viewers at home.

"Maya was totally in the zone, a million percent," Keys said after the song.

"The two of you kind of encapsulate all that I love about music," Levine said. "The style, who you are as vocalists, what you're able to do together. This is your wheelhouse. To me, the best collaborations are the things that feel the most natural. So congratulations on making this a really special moment."

While they both did "11/10," Levine went with Drew, since he felt really connected to his performance.

After Levine's decision, Keys wasted no time to hit the "steal" button.

"I've been waiting, I've been waiting, and I've been waiting, and here you come with this magnificent queen-liness from Queens," Keys said. "There's an edge in you that we can explore, all kinds of like places that would be unexpected and totally unlike anything I have in my team. I'm ecstatic!"


"It was phenomenal working with Adam. He's brilliant," Maya said. "But I'm super excited to work with Alicia now."

Audiences at home were happy to see Maya stay on the show, especially considering that the other coaches showered her with praise. They were each disappointed in themselves for not turning around for her during the blind auditions.