'The Voice' Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Final Knockout Round Episode

The Voice is turning 10! On Monday, The Voice will be marking its 10-year anniversary, as the show initially premiered on NBC back on April 26, 2011. The Voice, which is currently on its 20th season, will mark the milestone by airing the final episode of their Knockout rounds.

According to Taste of Country, The Voice was adapted from a Dutch show called, The Voice of Holland. Since its American adaptation premiered a decade ago, the series has gone on to enjoy a great deal of success on NBC. The singing competition initially premiered with four coaches — Blake Shelton, who still coaches the show to this day, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and CeeLo Green. During the first season, contestants performed for the coaches, who had their chairs turned away from them in order to focus on their voices. They would later go on to compete in the Battle Rounds in an attempt to secure their spot in the competition. Of course, fans know that the show later added even more rounds to the competition, including the Live Cross Battles and Knockouts.

The current season of The Voice will wrap up its Knockout round on Monday. You can watch the episode live via Rakuten. Additionally, the episode will also be available on Hulu the day after it airs. Since Monday's episode will feature the final Knockouts, it will also serve as the final episode with Mega Mentor Snoop Dogg. Following his time on the program, the rapper spoke about some of the advice that he shared with the current crop of contestants. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, published on April 19, Snoop Dogg explained that he wanted to instill the importance of "stage presence" to the contestants.

"You could have a great set of vocals, but if you have no stage presence, you're just a vocalist," he explained to the outlet. "A lot of that time needs to be put into making sure that you have a presence onstage. Even if you don't dance, make sure that you have some sort of movement that you know gives you body language while you're performing. A lot of artists don't pay attention to that."

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