'The Voice' Alum Christina Aguilera Reveals Why Show Wasn't 'Quite the Fit' for Her

After six seasons on The Voice, former judge Christina Aguilera says it just wasn't a good fit for her.

"What I was doing last year with Liberation was kind of a shedding of a certain skin on some level," the singer told PEOPLE. "Prior to that, I had given myself fully to television and being a part of a network that really wasn't quite the fit for me after the amount of time I put in."

Fans fell in love with the 38-year-old's personality on the show when it debuted in 2011, but after putting in her time, she was ready to move on. The mom of two said she wanted to get in touch with her creative side again, and now she is with her new Las Vegas residency Xperience's at Planet Hollywood which debuts this Friday.

"I wanted to get grounded again in my artist body, and that's what I did with Liberation," she admitted. "Moving on to this era, it's just an exciting time of fresh energy. Vegas is coming at the perfect time for me."

The residency gives her some of the stability that she's looking for during this chapter of her life. Aguilera admitted that she hesitated to go on tour several times out of fear it would cause too much chaos for her kids Max, 11 and Summer, 2 since there's so much instability involved.

She eventually went back out on the road and wrapped her tour Liberation last year, which was her first one since the Back to Basics tour in 2008.

"I was so scared to be on tour for so long," she said. "It took me a long time. I originally took the seat on The Voice because it kept me in a little bit of a more grounded position for my children, but after a certain amount of time, of course the artist in me was like, 'I have to evolve!' I was just very afraid of going out on tour and the instability I felt it would maybe impose on my children."


Now that she has a residency, the pop singer feels more refreshed to tackle what comes next. Even though she's pro at this point, the singer did admit she'll be a little nervous.

"I'll totally be nervous," the singer said. "But I think nerves are part of the exciting chemistry and build-up and adrenaline that makes a show that much more impactful. It's going to be a really special moment."