'The View': What Is Sara Haines' Net Worth

It was announced today that Sara Haines will be re-joining The View, and many might be wondering what the panelists net worth is. On Friday, it was revealed that Haines will be a co-host for the show's 24th season. In addition to her time as a past co-host of The View, Haines is an Emmy-nominated journalist who Celebrity Net Worth cites has banked about $6 million.

Haies previously worked on the show from 2016 to 2018, after having been a correspondent for both Good Morning America and the Today show. Variety was the first to report on Haines returning to the show, but noted that an ABC representative declined to comment on the matter. Notably, Haines has appeared on The View some this year, filling whenever needed. During one episode, it became clear that she still has a special place for the daytime talk show.

"It's so nice to have you back," Meghan McCain told Haines during the show. "You're such a bright [ray of] sunshine on your show and on [The View], it's so nice to have you. ...Once a View host always a View host." Haines replied, "This place is such a magical place, I've always said that. When you walk in the door, the hugging train ... it's a special staff here." She then quipped, "I'm here forever, guys!"

The first time that Haines exited The View, came in 2018. At that time, she delivered a sweet and heartfelt goodbye."It has been an honor, a privilege and an absolute dream to work here at this show," Haines said. She the spoke to the audience and praised the co-hosts and crew of the show. "From the many people you guys will never see behind the cameras, who have become life-long friends - they're not going anywhere — to the dear friends I have made at this table, who are absolutely TV gold, and you guys are strong, empowered, opinionated women," she said.

Hains continued, "For anyone who has ever played a sport knows that the best team members are the ones who life you up and make you better. You guys did that for me. I love this View, and I love all of you, so thank you so much." At this time, none of the View co-hosts appear to have commented on the news. Haines also does not appear to have commented, but it may just be a matter of time before they break their silence.