Is Wiz Khalifa the Chameleon on 'The Masked Singer' Season 5?

The Masked Singer has narrowed down the competition to the Spicy Six, which includes Piglet, [...]

The Masked Singer has narrowed down the competition to the Spicy Six, which includes Piglet, Chameleon, Russian Dolls, Black Swan, Robopine and Yeti. Naturally, there has been plenty of speculation about the identities of these six individuals. One of the masked singers has been at the center of much of the speculation, as many believe that Chameleon is rapper Wiz Khalifa.

According to Hip Hop DX, many fans believe that the "Black and Yellow" rapper is the Chameleon based on the clues and, of course, his voice. Viewers picked up on the fact that Chameleon's vocals, which he put on display during a performance of Nelly's "Ride Wit Me," seemed to match up with Khalifa's. One fan even tweeted, "The chameleon on masked singer has to be WIZ there is no other option. Calling it now." Another viewer wrote on Twitter, "Immediately when I heard him sing, my first instinct was Wiz Khalifa. I've never been so sure in my entire life. I could point that voice out anywhere."

To add to the speculation, the Chameleon has performed a series of rap tracks during his time on the Fox program. For his second performance, he sang 50 Cent's "21 Questions." Once he performed Dead Prez's "Hip Hop" during episode 5, the judges were convinced that Chameleon was indeed a professional rapper. Amid the ongoing speculation about whether Wiz Khalifa is Chameleon, judge Robin Thicke even guessed the rapper when he gave his input about their potential identity. So, the judges are definitely hot on the case.

Chameleon was, once again, up at-bat in episode 7 in an attempt at securing a position in the Spicy Six. In his latest clue package, he explained that he met one of his icons after winning a radio contest. Later on in his career, he was able to collaborate with him on a song. He shared that his performance of "Regulate" by Warren G featuring Nat Dogg was dedicated to his idol. The judges continued to guess that the Chameleon was a rapper, with them sharing suggestions such as Machine Gun Kelly and Waka Flocka Flame. But, one of Cluedle-Doo's clues threw a wrench in their guessing game. The mysterious chicken figure shared that he enjoyed Chameleon's work on the "big screen" and that they were rooting for him at the Golden Globes. That only cemented speculation about Wiz Khalifa, as he was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2016 for Best Original Song for "See You Again," which was featured in Fast & Furious 7.