'The Masked Singer': Donnie Wahlberg Deflects Speculation That He's the Rabbit

Actor and New Kids On The Block member Donnie Wahlberg recently deflected when asked about speculation that he's the Rabbit on The Masked Singer.

Wahlberg's wife Jenny McCarthy is a judge on the show, and he was recently asked if he was the one crooning from inside the rabbit helmet, to which he replied, "I can't answer that."

"I can only say that there is a list of boy banders who are alleged to be The Rabbit and I'm on the list," Wahlberg added, as reported by ET. "I think I'm trending third now behind Joey Fatone and Joey McIntyre. I don't even know who's in costume and if it's me, I haven't found out yet."

While Wahlberg is staying tight-lipped about the whole thing, many fans of the show have sharing their guesses and speculation on Twitter.

"I keep saying rabbit Donnie Wahlberg man I'm telling you [laughing out loud]," one fan tweeted.

"I'm just sayin'. Certainly YOU are the Rabbit. YESIREE !!!," someone else tweeted to the singer.

"How great would it be if the Rabbit was Donnie Wahlberg while his wife was a judge and had no clue," another person commented.

Regarding how the show will keep the identities of the singers secret going forward in future seasons, executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra spoke about how the show plans to address the issue.

"We have a lot of production processes in place for that type of secrecy that can still remain in place, if that makes sense. So few people knew who any of the singers were on our production — and it was very, very, very few people," Ibarra said. "We can carry on that to another season and I feel confident that we can keep [that going]."

"That's the big part of the show right now: keeping the secret," executive producer Craig Plestis added. "We want America to guess. We want our panel to guess. We really tried to keep every secret from them because that's a magic that we got from the show. If we can keep that again, keep all this a secret from everybody, from the crew and from the rest of America, it's going to be a great season."


The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.