'The Challenge': Wes Bergmann Makes Extravagant Purchase With 'All-Stars' Winnings

The Challenge star Wes Bergmann walked away with a major prize after winning the third All Stars season. During an interview with E! News, Bergmann revealed what he purchased after earning the $250,000 prize. Bergmann was the male winner of Season 3 of The Challenge: All Stars while Jonna Mannion won the title for the women. 

Bergmann went up against some intimidating competitors during Season 3 of The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount+. Still, he ended up victorious and earned himself $250,000 in the process. The reality star shared on the show that he wanted to make a significant purchase with his winnings, and he ended up doing just that by buying a Lamborghini. He told E! News, "I know everyone's playing for all sorts of different reasons, but, like, hasn't everyone always wanted a Lamborghini? I feel like it's actually more responsible to buy a Lamborghini than it would be to support my family."

In addition to buying a luxury car, Bergmann also used his winnings to meet up with some of his fellow Challenge stars. He reportedly paid for several of those co-stars to fly to his home in Kansas City. During the trip, the reality stars filmed an episode of the Challenge Mania podcast and had themselves an unofficial The Challenge: All Stars reunion, which fans can now watch online. As for what that cost him, Bergmann said that he spent "Tens of thousands of dollars!"

Season 3 of The Challenge: All Stars marked Bergmann's first appearance on the spinoff. Before going on the Paramount+ series, the Real World: Austin star competed on 14 seasons of the flagship series, winning two of them (The Duel and Rivals 2). Considering that his Challenge resume has put a target on his back over the years, Bergmann said that he had to play things differently when he came on The Challenge: All Stars


"I have to play a different game, I can't do what 90 percent of them do," he said. "It's either chaos or lose right away. There's not really much of an option, I have to play that way and it's also the most entertaining way to play." Fans were certainly entertained throughout Season 3 of the reality series, which also saw Mannion walking away with the grand prize for the female competitors. This marked her second win on The Challenge: All Stars, as she also won Season 2 alongside her partner, MJ Garrett.