'The Challenge' Executive Producer Julie Pizzi on Taking the Show to New Heights (Exclusive)

The Challenge has been a reality TV staple since it first premiered all the way back in 1998. Since then, the show has produced 37 seasons, countless spinoffs, and a major global expansion. How have they managed to keep the show so fresh for decades? And what does The Challenge's future look like? During PopCulture.com's recent chat with The Challenge's executive producer Julie Pizzi, she shared her vision for the franchise.

When it comes to The Challenge's future, the production team does have some clear plans of what they want to create for fans. Pizzi shared that they want to "amplify the game and really serve up something new and original every season." Of course, when considering the show's future, you have to consider the cast. Pizzi said that there will be a "shift" that involves "bringing in new cast members into the mix." She continued, "I do think some people are sort of aging out of the franchise and not because they're getting ... not because we think they're getting too old. But, they're having children, they're getting more serious jobs and they're moving into a place where they can't take 10 weeks off to compete. So, I think the future is really going to be seeing sort of a new pack of like extreme challenge athletes that will rise up that we don't know who they are yet."


While they're unsure who will take over that mantle from the OGs, they do know that they want to take the show's concept to new heights. In addition to airing The Challenge on MTV, there is also The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount+ and the upcoming The Challenge: USA on CBS. As Pizzi explained, they currently have All Stars to bring a bunch of that old-school "humor" and "fun" to the table, paving the way for the tentpole show to take the competition to the next level. 

"I think with the main show ... we are really trying to compete at a high level," Pizzi said. "We've always, I think even the production staff and the creators and the showrunners, they really do want to pump up the volume, and really do things that have maybe never been seen before on an unscripted competition show." The Challenge certainly knows how to take things up a level, and produce dramatic and enthralling stories at the same time. Just like the fans, it's why Pizzi has such a deep appreciation for the show, "It's really so surprising and great underdog stories emerge. And I mean, I think the truth is anything can happen on The Challenge and that's why we love it so much."