'The Bachelorette' Contestant Injured During Roller Derby Group Date

The Bachelorette contestants are literally falling over themselves to win Hannah Brown's heart!

In the second group date of the season in Monday's all-new episode of the ABC show, Dustin proved he might have been a little in over his head when it came to roller derby while strapping on the skates with Hannah and fellow contestants Daron, Tyler C., Garrett, Kevin, Joey, Devin, Peter, Matteo, and Connor J.

While Hannah said of the date she was looking to see who could "roll with the punches" with something fun that was "also going to challenge them a little bit," she definitely didn't expect Dustin to bust his ankle, having to be escorted off the track before the final round.

While Dustin might be sporting a sore leg, he definitely had a boost to his attitude when Hannah awarded him the night's group date rose.

Connecting with Hannah on a different level, the more subdued contestant revealed his more shy demeanor is all a part of remaining authentic.

"I do want to be bold for you, I just have to find my own way," he told her "I can't outdo the other guys being loud and energetic ... but I want to be genuine for you."

"This is just about you showing me your heart and how we connect, how we're similar."

It probably didn't hurt that she had her own roller skating horror story to commiserate.

"Last time I went roller skating, I broke my arm," she admitted to the camera, saying she wasn't looking for the best skater, but for "who exudes joy, no matter if they're awesome or if they suck."

Dustin's sensitive side already had some Bachelorette viewers won over.


The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC