'The Bachelor' Colton Underwood Questions Women's Motives After Double Rose Ceremony Warning

As the final rose ceremony draw closer, The Bachelor's Colton Underwood feels like he can't trust anyone, even like frontrunners Cassie and Caelynn.

Monday's episode of the ABC dating reality show picked up with Colton where last week's cliffhanger left him—debating where a fight between Onyeka and Nicole left his relationship with both women. Deciding there had been enough drama in the household, Colton decided to send both women home at the first rose ceremony of the episode.

The women were followed not long after by Sydney, who decided to eliminate herself after stalling in her relationship with the former NFL player, and season villain Demi, who pulled Colton aside ahead of the second rose ceremony to tell him she loved him, only to be rebuffed with the revelation that he didn't see a future with her.

Even Colton's strongest relationships appeared to be crumbling in front of his eyes, however, when Katie came to him after being eliminated with disturbing allegations against Cassie and Caelynn, with whom he has been clearly vibing throughout the season.

Walking her out from the rose ceremony, Katie told him "there's so much I have to say," saying it didn't feel "real" to be going home so soon.

"I knew there was a disconnect the other night just by your body language, and my biggest fear was that you didn't think could get there," Katie said. "I have so much to give, and I wish I had gotten more time to show you."

"I felt like there was more to get out of you that I just didn't get," Colton replied.

Stepping into the limo, she left Colton with a cryptic warning: "You have a great group of girls, and you know who's ready in there. And there are some that aren't. Just be smart about those girls."

It clearly left Colton shaken. "That's the third person who's said there are still people here who aren't ready and that's f--ing terrifying," he told the camera. "That's my greatest fear in all of this, that I'm gonna end up with somebody who's not here to be engaged at the end of all this."

"Am I f--ing missing something?" he asked, before leaving the women, confused.

Katie's chances with Colton may be finished, but is his romance with the other women too soured by negativity to continue?


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET ABC.

Photo credit: ABC