'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant' Star Allegedly Reported to CPS by Her Own Mom

Malorie Beaver featured on MTV's Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, reportedly claimed she was reported to child protective services by her own mother, Stephanie Beaver. Beaver shared a series of posts on Snapchat last week, claiming that her mother was concerned about her daughter Emerson, whom she took to a different location. The Teen Mom spin-off often shows Stephanie fighting with Malorie to get her to stay home and watch her own child.

"Imagine calling DCS on your own kid simply because she took her daughter to a better, more reliable, sitter," Malorie, whose sister Rachel Beaver is also on Young and Pregnant, wrote in one of the Snapchat posts, reports Starcasm. "Guess what mom, that first case got closed within a couple weeks & this one will too. If y’all ever wonder why I have no respect for my mom this is it." Malorie said her mother would not be the only person to try for custody of Emerson, as her abusive father is also making an attempt.

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Malorie did not reveal where she is now staying with Emerson, but Starcasm suggests they could be with Malorie's grandmother, Janice. The site previously reported that Malorie was arrested for assaulting Janice. She is scheduled to make a court appearance on that case in August. "Ain’t nobody taking my kid from me while I’m still alive & that’s a fact," Malorie wrote on Snapchat.

After Starcasm shared the news on Instagram, Stephanie quickly replied to clear things up. "What I hate about all these gossip sites though y'all to be honest with you is I never called [Department of Children's Services] on her I just take care of Emerson like I'm really innocent in all this is freaking nuts," she wrote. She went on to say that she did not even learn about the allegation until she saw sits pick up her daughter's Snapchat posts. "So that is very hurtful.....and also it is very sloppy of her putting business out there of hers like that," she wrote.

Rachel also made headlines this month when she revealed on Instagram that she had four surgeries at once. He had her adenoids and tonsils taken out, and complained about the pain on her Instagram Story, reports The Sun. "I can barely breathe," the 17-year-old wrote on one post. Stephanie later took to Facebook to explain that Rachel "had sinus surgery for deviated septum then she also had her adenoids taken out and at the last minute they saw her tonsils and took them out to because her tonsils were way too swollen."