'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant': Is Kayla Sessler Pregnant?

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler sparked a great deal of pregnancy speculation thanks to the trailer for the current season. In the trailer, Sessler stated that she was pregnant. But, since she has not shared any details regarding the topic on social media or posted any photos that would indicate a pregnancy, it has left fans to question whether she is going to be expanding her family. 

The Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant preview ended on a shocking note, as Sessler told the camera, "So, I'm pregnant again." While chatting with PopCulture.com ahead of the new season, the reality TV personality did address that comment. Although, she didn't share too much on the topic, saying that fans will have to "tune in to find out about that pregnancy." Starcasm reported that filming for the current season ended in December. Back in April, Sessler engaged in a Q&A with her fans on Instagram. Even though she didn't open up about those pregnancy rumors, but she did promise that the season will be an intense one. She said, "It's by far the most drama-filled season I've had."

As for what that drama will entail, it will likely have plenty to do with Sessler's relationship with her fiance, Luke Davis. Sessler and Davis welcomed their first child together, daughter Ariah, in 2019. Sessler also has an older son, Izaiah, whom she shares with her ex, Stephan Alexander. Shortly after Sessler and Davis welcomed their daughter, the two became engaged. But, if the trailer for the current season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is any indication, there's trouble ahead for the pair.

The mom-of-two said that this season left her "feeling vulnerable" as the couple went to therapy in order to deal with Davis' past infidelity. She said, "It was very hard. Unfortunately, it happened a while ago, and I'm just now opening up about it." Sessler said that she felt as though it was the right time to showcase the more difficult moments instead of keeping them a secret from the viewers. The Teen Mom star continued, "I think just being on TV and trying to hold secrets - it never works. ... I signed up for reality [TV], so I feel like I have to give [the viewers] the good, the bad and the ugly." Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.