'Teen Mom' Dad Tyler Baltierra Turns Heads With 'Sex Dream' Tweet

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra is defending his marriage to Catelynn Lowell after tweeting about a fan's racy message.

The MTV personality, 27, turned heads of his Twitter followers earlier this month when he retweeted someone who had tagged him in a NSFW message: "Last night I had a sex dream about [Tyler Baltierra] yeah... so there's that revelation."

Baltierra commented, "Dude I swear, I see posts from people about having sex dreams with me at least once a day hahaha! Apparently I've been getting around in the dreamworld."

When another follower called him out for making an "inappropriate" comment as a "married man," he fired back, "I told [Catelynn Lowell] about it & you will NEVER believe what she did!? She laughed her a— off! I know, I know, it's gotta be shocking to everyone that we can joke with each other about such 'sensitive' issues [laughing out loud]! Especially as sensitive as one's inability to control dreams [eye roll emoji] [face palm emoji]."

Many of Baltierra's followers rallied behind him, noting that he has been nothing but a devoted husband to his currently pregnant wife.

"My husband and I can also discuss these things and I don't think it's inappropriate at all. It's called a strong marriage," one user wrote.

"I'll never be able to fathom people who can be so insecure in their relationships that they'll think stuff like that isn't okay or something to laugh about?" another added. "Lol so wish I had love like yalls one day. Love you guys!"

The couple is currently awaiting the birth of their third child together, with Lowell sharing on Instagram last week, "I think this baby is gonna come soon!"

Lowell and Baltierra are also parents to 4-year-old Nova and 9-year-old Carly, whom they gave up for adoption as teenagers.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: Getty Images