'Teen Mom' Star's Parents Check Into Rehab

Jade Cline's parents have entered rehab to address their substance abuse. The Teen Mom star revealed the news in a TikTok video. Their treatment stint comes nearly two years after Cline's now-fiancé, Sean Austin, entered treatment and has been successful in his recovery. Cline wants the same for her parents. She revealed the parents are in separate treatment facilities and are "starting their rehabilitation journey," The Ashley Roundup reports.

In the video, Cline noted that she had not been "really close" to her parents for the past six months "due to their own choices." Their oftentimes contentious history has been chronicled since she first appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant before being added to the Teen Mom cast. "I felt like they weren't really doing well in their current life," she said in the video. "I've learned a lot about loving an addict and I've learned a lot about boundaries and it's important to do what you need to do for your own mental health and happiness…." 

She explains having minimal communication with her parents. But recently, she decided to invite them over for dinner to discuss the potential treatment and "what that looks like for them and if that's a possibility for them."

Her mother, Christy, has a long history of run-ins with the law, as well as jail stints. There have been multiple arrests, not all of which have been related to substance abuse. 

Christy spoke openly on the latest reunion special. She admitted that she was doing "OK" but that she drinks occasionally. 

Cline shares a daughter, Kloie, with Austin. The two have been together on and off since she's been on the show. 

Christy's partner is actually her stepfather. Her birth father committed suicide when she was a child. In her moments of her estrangement from her parents, she doesn't allow them to see her daughter.