'Teen Mom OG' Stars Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra Open up About Placing Daughter Carly for Adoption

Nine years after placing their daughter Carly up for adoption, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are reflecting on their decision. The two Teen Mom OG stars sat down with their adoption counselor, Dawn Baker, in a sneak peek of Monday's upcoming episode.

"I think some of our old expectations were unrealistic," said Baltierra, 26. "Like, [we] signed our rights off. That is their child. A couple of years ago, I was on the other side. I was like, 'You wouldn't be parents if it weren't for me.' It's acceptance of what role I really play in this child's life and this family's life."

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Baker gave the couple some advice when it comes to contacting Carly's adoptive parents. "If I can advise you in any way, I would say a soft landing would be a good thing. Maybe starting a conversation with, 'What's Carly doing today? How are things going with her at school?' You love to brag about Nova, she's gonna love to brag about Carly," Baker said. "I think that's gonna be an easier entry into a conversation."

Lowell, 26, said that she recently realized that adoption is a "trauma," which she and Baltierra have been working through now that they know much of her PTSD came from the adoption, her children and her recent miscarriage.

Baker, who has been counseling the couple for the past nine years and who has told them about a miscarriage of her own, gave them an Alex and Ani bracelet with a July birthstone, which is the month Lowell suffered her miscarriage.

Lowell shed a few tears upon opening the gift.

"I think it's so important to commemorate, you know? Because that loss is so profound," Baker said.

Baltierra opened up on the Reality Life podcast in September about how he was able to cope with the "devastating" miscarriage.

"Seeing Nova, I realized that I can’t sit here and sulk in my pity. I’ve gotta be strong, engage with my daughter, play with her, take her to the park. I still had a job to do of raising her around the happiest environment I could make for her," Baltierra said. "I kind of felt that she was my motivation to keep strong, looking at her and saying, ‘I did lose this child, but look at this beautiful child I’ve got now.’ She helped me push myself forward and keep going. It was a responsibility of mine."

Lowell and Baltierra announced earlier this year that they were expecting another baby girl, more than a year after Lowell suffered her miscarriage. The two are open about the joys of expecting their "rainbow baby," which is a child conceived after suffering a miscarriage.


"Feeling our little girl more and more...what an amazing feeling!" Lowell wrote on Instagram in October. In the caption of the post she added hashtags for "blessed," "mom of girls" and "rainbow baby."

Teen Mom OG airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.