'Teen Mom OG' Dad Tyler Baltierra Defends Wife Catelynn Lowell Stopping Breastfeeding

Tyler Baltierra is standing behind wife Catelynn Lowell's decision to stop breastfeeding 5-month-old daughter Vaeda 100 percent after the Teen Mom OG star opened up about the tough choice in a preview of Monday's episode. After giving birth to the couple's third child, Lowell revealed she was struggling to keep up with the demanding task while also caring for herself.

"It's hard," Lowell tells Baltierra in the clip. "People always post the wonderful things about breastfeeding, which is wonderful, the pretty pictures and all that stuff, but they don't mention that you have your kid stuck to you for 24 hours for an hour at a time ... or you're afraid they're not getting enough or they want to eat 60 times a day or about the bleeding nipples and the sore nipples."

Paying attention to her postpartum mental health had been difficult as well while breastfeeding.

"And nursing too, it's hard for me to even schedule my own therapy because it's an hour and a half there," she continued. "I could take her with me and nurse when I'm there. ... [It's just] feeling like you can't go anywhere."

While she was afraid of being accused of being "selfish," Lowell noted that her little one had breastfed long enough to absorb the important "antibodies and proteins" of the initial milk.

"The realness of it is that breastfeeding is hard and it's not for everybody," she told Baltierra. "It's stupid, but I have to put aside the feelings of 'Everyone's gonna judge me for it.'"

Baltierra stood behind his wife at the time, telling her, "You're the mom, you made that human being and you know what's best for that human being."

"You're a great mom," he continued. "You're going to do whatever is best for you and the baby, period."

After the trailer dropped, Baltierra continued his praise of his wife, writing on Twitter, "Vaeda is the happiest, healthiest little baby I have ever seen. So, a little advice to all of you 'Pinterest Perfect Parents,' if that baby didn't develop in your uterus, you don't have a right to say what's best for that baby. PERIOD. #FedIsBest #MomsKnowBest."

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: MTV