'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Teases 'Tough Season' of Life After Getting Engaged Again to Husband Josh

Mackenzie McKee may have a new job and reconciled her marriage with husband Josh, but the Teen Mom [...]

Mackenzie McKee may have a new job and reconciled her marriage with husband Josh, but the Teen Mom personality is still seriously struggling with a "tough season" of her life when it comes to her mom's health. The MTV personality shared a cryptic post on Instagram Tuesday over a black and white selfie talking about being "unstoppable" after all she's been through so far.

"Once I get through this tough season of my life, I will be unstoppable," she wrote. "Because sometimes it takes the worst to happen to us for the best of us to come out."

"And that's that," McKee continued in the caption, adding a prayer hands emoji.

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McKee's followers were quick to reassure her about her personal power: "You are already so unstoppable you don't even know," one wrote to her. "Not many people can grow as everything else crashes. You are the biggest Inspiration in more ways then one. I love you, keep toughing out this season. God has big things in store."

Another added, "Beautifully said! Stay strong and never lose faith even in things we can't control."

Much of McKee's personal life may coming back together after she initially filed for divorce from husband Josh earlier this year before the two decided to get re-engaged, but she is still dealing with some deep trauma in regards to her mom, Angie Douthit, coming to the possible end of her lengthy cancer battle.

"We just got the news yesterday that her blood counts are too low to continue with chemo," she revealed in August during an interview with Radar Online. "There has been no miracle, but she is still with us."

Just days prior, Douthit revealed on Teen Mom OG that she had an estimated six months to live.

"[The doctor] said six months would be really, really pushing it," she told her daughters. "The doctors know they can't do anything about this, really."

"I wanted to tell you I was better, but they told me that it's in both femurs, it's in my breast bone, it's in my hip bones, this backbone that's attached to your hip bones, it's back there," she added. "It's in half of my liver, it's in the lymph nodes in my colon, and the lymph nodes in my lungs. I have another tumor in my head."

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