'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Dishes on Ryan Edwards' Rehab Stay in New Clip

Maci Bookout is cautiously staying hopeful that ex Ryan Edwards can overcome his drug addiction [...]

Maci Bookout is cautiously staying hopeful that ex Ryan Edwards can overcome his drug addiction during his second stint in rehab, she reveals in a clip from Monday's all-new episode of Teen Mom OG.

News broke in October that Edwards had returned to rehab following his abbreviated stint in treatment the following summer and subsequent two arrests for violating probation related to a heroin possession charge, but in the new clip, Bookout reveals that it was Edwards himself who decided to get help a second time, at least according to his mom Jen.

"That's the best way for that to happen, I feel like," Bookout's friend Keelie responds to the news. "Hopefully he stays this time though."

Bookout adds that this time, instead of staying in treatment less than 30 days, Edwards had signed up for a 90-day program, even at the expense of missing the birth of his son Jagger with wife Mackenzie Standifer and the 10th birthday of his child with Bookout, son Bentley.

"Part of me wants to let Ryan know that if he f—s it up this time, he's not gonna have another chance when it comes to Bentley," Bookout admits. Fans will remember that Bookout would not allow Edwards to spend alone time with his son unless he passed a drug test, which he refused to do, despite maintaining he was no longer using.

But Keelie reminds her friend that Bentley is no stranger to having a father who suffers from addiction, adding, "[Bentley] is gonna get to where he can stand up for himself, is what I'm saying."

"We'll see," Bookout responds. "Time will tell. I mean to be honest with you, I can tell you right now, if he comes home before the 90-day mark, nothing's gonna be any different than when he left. Nothing."

She continues, "If he stays there for 90 days, he is finally going to understand and realize — through therapy and through the classes and the work that he has to do there — he is going to understand everyone else's point of view. It's not just the drug problem, we all have roots that we may not like, that we may hide from that we may not try to get to close to, but you have to find a way to deal with them without drugs or alcohol. You've got to learn to cope with things on your own, mentally."

The mother-of-three then adds a quick dig, saying, "I mean, coming from a 30-year-old dude who's never had to f—ing wash his own underwear, I can't imagine that he's ever had to work through anything mentally by himself."

But in the end, Bookout admits she wants Edwards to recover fully to the point where she was the man she first met. "I want him to be the Ryan that everybody knows and loves," she says. "I mean, he's a goofy, funny, smart person when he's him."

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