'Teen Mom 2': Leah Messer Accused of Photoshopping Part of Her Body

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is the latest celebrity being accused of Photoshopping a picture that [...]

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is the latest celebrity being accused of Photoshopping a picture that was shared on social media. The reality star and her friend were posing in a photo together, both sitting down while decked out in athletic gear, when fans started to call out Messer for Photoshopping herself. However, despite the heated comments, Messer still shared her thoughts on the photo and didn't pay one bit of attention to those calling her out.

According to The Sun, the picture her friend shared shows the two sitting on a black trunk, with Messer in a black two-piece athletic outfit: biker shorts and a crop-top. Her friend was in ripped grey pants with a matching grey sports bra. The two also had lanyards around their neck seemingly attending an event together. While Messer was feeling the photo, leaving a comment saying, "You so [three fire emojis] Thank you @iseetru for making this happen!" others weren't so quick to share kind thoughts.

"Her leg is so insanely edited, I cannot with this picture," one person wrote, while someone else said, "Do y'all not see how photoshopped this is?!?! See how long her arm is???" Another person wrote, "I think she photoshopped her a— honestly." While Messer may be accused of photoshopping, she isn't the first in the public eye to take heat from onlookers. A number of celebrities have been accused of this, including the Kardashian and Jenner sisters.

Madonna was recently accused of doing the same thing for a photo she took six years ago. The legendary singer was wearing a Joy Division shirt on Instagram in order to promote her Rebel Heart album. While TikTok was not a social media platform at the time of when the photo was taken, it recently went viral on the platform where one onlooker accused her of putting her face on a younger woman's body. In fact, a TikTok user, Amelia Goldie, noticed there was an eerie similarity between her body and the Material Girl's body, leading the user to believe Madonna stole her photo.

"When Madonna posts a photo of herself to IG to promote her album but it's actually your body (I'm not joking)," Goldie wrote. The video quickly generated millions of views. While there's no way to prove if the singer actually did such a thing, her head still looks edited in the image that was posted.