'Teen Mom': Jenelle Evans Experiencing Spinal Cord Issue, David Eason Asks for Prayers

David Eason is asking for prayers for his wife Jenelle Evans. In an Instagram post, Eason detailed the process that will take place in order to help find Evans some relief after she revealed that she's bedridden following a spinal cord procedure. In the photo, the two seem to be enjoying some drinks as they hope for the best.

"Everyone keep my beautiful wife [Jenelle Evans] in your thoughts and prayers. She is having a myelogram mri with contrast today and hopefully they will figure out something to make her feel better! We love you so much baby, you got this!" Eason said according to The Sun. Fans flooded the comment section to share their loving thoughts as well. "Positive vibes," one person wrote, while someone else said, "God bless her." Several more used prayer hands emojies and lots of hearts to express their thoughts and concerns.

Evans recently announced via social media that doctors have been trying to get down to the root of the problem when it comes to her "neck popping" issue. "I know a lot of you are probably wondering, 'Well a CT scan isn't that bad with contrast. You just get it done. You walk out. You're done.' Yeah that's a normal CT scan. What I had done was a CT myelogram. So what they do is basically you get a spinal tap. you get an epidural. And they put the dye into your spinal cord," she said on her Instagram stories according to The Sun.

She continued to explain, "And then it glows up and then they do x-rays and CT scans like boom, boom, boom, before the dye goes away. And then it shows the inside of your spinal cord. And that is why I got this done was to look more in depth because yes, I have MRI's. Yes I have CT scans. Basically I have neck popping issues, and we don't know why." She added, "Then after this procedure is done, they don't want you getting up. They don't want you doing an extraneous activity for 24 hours. I have to lay here in bed flat."

She went not to say that the procedure was rather "invasive" as she continued to have spinal fluid "leaking" from the incision site. While she's been on a new health journey, she's also on a new work journey. She recently opened up to fans about feeling a little lost following her firing from the popular MTV reality series, but has seemingly found a new path in life.