'Teen Mom' Jade Cline Reportedly Deletes Selfie Featuring White Powder

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant fans have seen Jade Cline go through a lot during the show's freshman season, including her mother's substance abuse issues. But a recent photo the reality TV star reportedly posted, then deleted, has fans thinking she could be abusing drugs as well.

In a photo obtained by Radar Online Tuesday, Cline is seen taking a mirror selfie in what appears to be a bathroom, resting her butt on the counter while posing for the photo.

See the photo here.

But it's what is next to her that is making headlines. On the counter appears to be a white substance and a rolled dollar bill next to an ID card, which fans have speculated could be drugs and drug paraphernalia. When contacted by Radar, the MTV personality declined to comment.

The 22-year-old, who is mom to daughter Kloie with her beau Sean Austin, celebrated her birthday this weekend.

Cline's mom, Christine Smith, has her own past with drugs and law enforcement.

According to court papers previously obtained by Radar, Smith was arrested for possession of cocaine and theft in March 2014, having stolen two pieces of clothing before being stopped by police.

"Ms. Smith admitted she bought the crack cocaine and had done some before entering the store," the court papers read. After agreeing to a plea deal, Smith was sentenced to 365 days in jail with 361 days suspended in addition to probation and substance abuse programs.

Cline has been open about her issues with her mom on the MTV show.

"I'm hoping my mom will be able to help me when the baby gets here, but I'm not sure I can count on her because my parents have struggled with addiction in the past," she said during the most recent season. "My mom has been in and out of jail and rehab many times growing up. It did affect me a lot. My parents have put all their addiction and drug use in the past."

She even had to deal with suspicion that her mother was using soon after giving birth to her daughter.

"It's hard to trust anything she says to me," she added. "If I found out she was doing hard drugs, I don't think I would be able to let her be around Kloie. That's a decision I have to make."

Smith ended up testing negative for drugs when forced to take a test by her mother.


Photo credit: MTV