'Teen Mom' Fans Sound off on Jade Cline's Adult Toy Giveaway Following Farrah Abraham Comparisons

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline's recent adult toy giveaway post on Instagram has led to some Farrah Abraham comparisons, and now fans are sounding off on it. On Tuesday, Cline shared a post announcing her partnership with the brand Vush: "Hey guys! I'll be partnering with [Vush] this week to put together an amazing giveaway bundle to one of my followers! Stay tuned! Will be posting the giveaway and how to enter this week on my page."

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Then, on Thursday, Cline unveiled the giveaway, sharing a photo of herself with a few adult toys that will be part of the prize package. A couple of commenters compared Cline to Abraham, who has also delved into the world of the adult entertainment industry.

Many fans are continuing to comment on Cline's situation, with one writing on a Facebook post, "I feel bad for her daughter. Just being around Jade's language alone is not good, never mind the constant fighting with everyone."

"I feel sorry for child. The child is around fighting and drugs. They are moving all the time. CPS maybe?" another person wrote.

"Tried to give her a chance. But damn. From night one she has not had one positive thing to say. Always bitching and complaining about something. I feel for her daughter," someone else said.

However, there have been others who have defended Cline, such as the one fan who wrote, "She is a good mom trying to make it on her own. She works goes to school and takes care of her child."

"Kayla one of the newer teen moms posted a picture with a Vush product also. Jade is just doing a give away. What's the difference? There's nothing wrong with this and I'm sure she's nothing like Farrah," another fan said.

"So wait, we're just going to act like its not normal for adult women to be consumers of adult products AND be good mothers??? People need to get real, real quick," a third defender of the Teen Mom 2 star added.


She has also found support from fans on her Instagram page, with one taking to her most recent post to hit back at Cline's critics. "TO ALL THE HATERS: First you hate on her and the other moms for having sex and getting pregnant & don't believe that their birth control failed," the fan wrote. "Now you are hating because a women wants to take control of her own body and use sex toys. You haters are the ones that preach don't have sex, but now are messy cuz she wants to take care of herself? Which is it? Geez."

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