'Teen Mom' Fans Continue Sounding off on Jenelle Evans' Husband David Eason's Weaponry Business

When it comes to former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason, controversy is always right around the corner. While Eason was kicked off the MTV reality show long before his wife, Evans was let go due to her husband's involvement in the death of the family's dog, Nugget, after it snapped at the couples young daughter.

This didn't sit well with MTV and didn't rub fans the right way. The couple was cut off from the show, forced to fight for custody in court and faced a torrent of criticism from all sides. They didn't help their case either by whipping up outrage and posting inflammatory comments in the wake of the controversy.

That's where we currently stand with Eason's latest business venture, forcing fans to scratch their heads in the wake of the dog murder and custody issue. After announcing the start of a weaponry/knife forge business on social media, fans were quickly split over the news. Some were happy that the reality star was doing something productive according to Cheat Sheet, but others felt that Eason's past made his new work troubling.

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"This is the worst effin idea ever. You should be NOWHERE near weapons, and they look like s— anyway," one critic wrote. "Money tight now that you both have 0 income? Get a real job."

"Are you going to use this to kill the new dogs?" another critic asked.

"About time u do something to earn your keep stop riding your wifes coat tail!" a third added.

This criticism hasn't stopped Eason from showing off his work, though, and some fans are giving him some great compliments on his progress.

"Looks awsome (sic) x attention to details is amazing," one fan wrote.

"Looks really good David! Good work!" another added.

"Great job David proud of you...its really kool (sic)," a third fan noted.

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Still, it is hard for Eason and Evans to escape the past few years of drama their actions have created. The death of Nugget was only the latest and most controversial of their acts, forcing the couple to battle for custody of their children and find new employment after the removal of Evans from Teen Mom 2.

On top of that, there is also the possibility the entire incident was fabricated by the couple, which Evans denies.