'Teen Mom' Dad Tyler Baltierra Tells Troll He Has 'No Shame' About Placing Daughter for Adoption

Tyler Baltierra doesn't play when it comes to his children. The Teen Mom OG star clapped back at a troll who called him and wife Catelynn Lowell "trash" for placing their oldest daughter, Carly, up for adoption when they were 16.

Baltierra retweeted the troll's hateful comment, revealing to followers that he has "#NoShame" about the decision. The MTV personality was adamant that adoption was the right choice for himself, Lowell and their "innocent daughter."

(Photo: Twitter/@TylerBaltierra)

"If PLACING my innocent daughter into an adoption plan at 16 with a couple who can not have biological children makes me trash, then you might as well send me to the damn dump so I can put a throne on top & call it home!" Baltierra tweeted.

In May, Baltierra reflected on Carly's adoption online. In a post marking her birthday, the reality TV star recalled the moment they "had to say goodbye" to their then-newborn.

"10 years ago yesterday, we were only 17. 10 years ago, we brought you into the world. 10 years ago, we only got to hold you by ourselves for a half hour in the hospital as we just cried & stared at you, remembering every little detail of how absolutely perfect you were, since we knew that even though we just met, we had to say goodbye," He wrote on Instagram along with a photo of Carly holding Baltierra and Lowell's middle daughter, Novalee.

Baltierra and Lowell had Carly in 2009, according to Us Weekly. Her arrival and subsequent adoption was documented for MTV's 16 & Pregnant. They have an open adoption, meaning they are able to communicate with and visit Carly, but have been public about the fact that their visits have gotten less frequent as the years have gone on.

The couple has had a somewhat rocky relationship with Brandon and Theresa Davis, Carly's adoptive parents. While the Davis' would prefer to keep Carly out of the spotlight, and allow her to have a "normal" life, Baltierra and Lowell continue to appear on Teen Mom and have large followings on social media. According to In Touch Weekly that's been a point of contention between the pairs in the past.


Baltierra reportedly posted a photo of Carly on Instagram, where he has millions of followers. Brandon and Teresa were angry about it and cut Baltierra and Lowell off somewhat as a result. They were finally able to visit with Carly after a long absence in January.