Catelynn Lowell Slams 'Ignorant People' Who Criticized Her Return to Rehab

Catelynn Lowell is clapping back at haters who have criticized her decision to return to mental [...]

Catelynn Lowell is clapping back at haters who have criticized her decision to return to mental health rehab for a third time.

The Teen Mom OG cast member defended herself on Twitter after she told husband Tyler Baltierra on Monday's season finale of the MTV series that she needed to return to the Arizona treatment center just days after she had returned to him and their 3-year-old daughter Nova.

Lowell, who returned to rehab in January to overcome childhood trauma and has since returned home, tweeted this week, "All you ignorant people are the reason why mental health still has this huge stigma around it! #GetEducated #KeepTalkingMH you have NO clue unless you have been through it yourself. Some of you people disgust me."

She continued, "I wasn't 'running away' from my problems I was FIXING them! Working HARD & getting on the right medication. I wouldn't wish this crap on my worst enemy! But I guess I'll have haters no matter what! Just glad I got myself better and if ppl r mad then be mad I guess #KeepTalkingMH."

During the finale, Lowell said she would understand if Baltierra wanted to divorce her when she revealed her need to return to rehab.

"It's super hard for me to tell you this thing, so keep an open mind," she said. "I've started to have really bad anxiety in the mornings but I've been hiding it. I just feel like I've been letting people down for some reason. I feel guilty [by having anxiety]. Obviously, my meds aren't working. I have to force myself to get in the shower and put makeup on."

Baltierra, who has been open about his struggle with depression, admitted he was feeling insecure about his role in her life, telling his wife, "It's gotta be something with me."

"No! It has nothing to do with you Tyler. It's my inner childhood s—," Lowell told him. "I'm telling you right now, it's nothing to do with what you do. It's me being a f—ing 12-year-old and my dad leaving or me being eight and my mom drinking all the time and not being there."

"I didn't even want to tell you that I was going back," Lowell said. "I just thought, 'I wouldn't blame Tyler, like seriously, if you wanted to just divorce me.' I put you through so much. You're an awesome husband, seriously, to stand by me through all this s—. I'm sure a lot of guys would just throw in the f—ing towel."

Baltierra, hugging her, said, "I don't think those guys are true husbands. I'm not ever leaving, I'm not going anywhere. Don't think like that."

After the episode, Lowell tweeted a photo of the happy couple, captioning it, "I love you so much!!! And for all you haters vows say – in SICKNESS and in health… remember that… because this man has done that for me beyond what I could imagine @TylerBaltierra #KeepTalkingMH #rememberURVows."

Baltierra responded with, "I love you more Babe! True love is boundless, limitless, & unconditional!"

Photo credit: Instagram/Catelynn Lowell