Catelynn Lowell Was Afraid Tyler Baltierra Would Divorce Her If She Went to Treatment

The season finale of Teen Mom OG is almost here, and fans of the MTV series better get their tissues ready for a heartbreaking insight into the past year in the lives of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

Throughout this season, fans have watched as Lowell struggled with her mental health issues related to anxiety and depression after she suffered a miscarriage. But even though she completed a rehab program after experiencing suicidal thoughts, a sneak peek of Monday's season finale shows Lowell's struggle to realize she needed to return to treatment.

"It's super hard for me to tell you this thing so just keep an open mind," Lowell said as she held back tears. "I started to have really bad anxiety in the mornings. I guess I've just been hiding it or I'll take like a half of Ativan just to make it through the first half of the day. I just feel like I'm letting people down for some reason."

Lowell then started to cry and she admitted to her husband that she felt guilty for having anxiety. Although Baltierra assured her that she shouldn't feel guilty for her mental health issues, and let her know she wasn't letting anyone down by struggling, she still had a hard time admitting she needed more help.

"Obviously, my meds aren't working," she said. "I had to force myself to get in the shower, put makeup on, and like that's why I've been doing it for the past couple of days to is just like, force myself, get up, straighten your hair, put makeup on, listen to music."

Baltierra wondered if his wife's anxiety had something to do with him or their relationship, but she assured him it was nothing to do with him. In fact, she said, he has been doing everything right when it comes to caring for her and her mental health.

She explained that her issues stem from her inner child that she learned about in her first rehab program, especially due to the trauma she experienced when she was 12 years old, dealing with her dad leaving and her mom's drinking problems.

"It's my own s—, and it's just coming out when things go on in life, that's how trauma works. So it's nothing to do with you, you are awesome, you're supportive," she said, crying again as she told him she needed to go back to treatment. "I didn't even want to tell you that I thought about going back to treatment cause I was like 'I wouldn't blame Tyler,' like, it's your say if you want to just divorce me."

Clearly Baltierra didn't feel the same way. The two have been a united front since Lowell's stays in rehab, and have been continuing to talk about mental health awareness in hopes of helping someone in a similar place.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: MTV