'Teen Mom': Briana DeJesus' Recent Vacation Draws Backlash From Onlookers

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus has a lot of explaining to do, at least according to her fans and social media followers. DeJesus recently complained of money trouble. Her contentious history with the fathers of her two daughters Nova and Stella has been well documented on the show. For years, DeJesus has accused Devoin Austin and Luis Hernandez of not providing the proper financial support for their daughters. Though DeJesus has income from the show and the support of her mother and sister whom she lives with, she wants the men to step up.

But fans of the show don't believe DeJesus is that strapped for cash after DeJesus posted images to her Instagram page chronicling a Disney cruise she recently took her girls on. The 27-year-old snapped photos of her daughters donned in Minnie Mouse tee-shirts, ears, and shorts as they enjoyed on their vacation. "We made it," DeJesus captioned the picture with a heart emoji. 

The US Sun reports that the backlash was almost immediate. DeJesus tagged Disney Cruise lines. "That cruise so expensive!!!!" one commented. "Yet she cries poverty to her baby daddies," another chimed in.

Austin and Hernandez have battled it out publicly with DeJesus over the way they say she hounds them over money. They allege that DeJesus is simply money hungry and uses their daughters as pawns. But DeJesus denies such and insists she goes out of her way to ensure her daughters know their fathers and are able to spend time with them.

Fans recall DeJesus sitting both men down and demanding they each pay her $250 monthly in child support. Austin said no, reminding DeJesus that he pays half of their daughter Nova's expenses, as well as her gymnastic classes each month. 


DeJesus has been called out for frivolous spending previously. Fans were upset when she underwent plastic surgery for a Brazilian butt lift. But DeJesus says she got the procedure done for free in exchange for promotion on the show and on her social media of the doctor's services. Fans also snapped on DeJesus when she revealed she spend $150 monthly on new clothes for Stella. Many believe that's an unnecessary expense.