Teen Mom 2's Leah Has Roughest Day Ever In New Clip

A clip from the season premiere Teen Mom 2 gives a sneak peek at one of the show's stars, Leah Messer, having the roughest day ever. The 24-year-old was shown screaming at he kids, and tearfully rushing to the bathroom to sob.

MTV shared a brief video on Twitter with the caption: Leah has a ROUGH day when things all things seem to go wrong. WATCH the season premiere of Teen Mom 2 TONIGHT at 9/8c."

Leah went absolutely berserk after misplacing her keys. The kids were crying and arguing in the back seat, and the mother of three just seemed utterly overwhelmed with stress.

Later in the clip, Messer was shown taking a trip over to her sister's house. After walking in, Leah broke down in tears as she went downstairs to hide from the cameras.

"I need to breathe, I'm about to have a panic attack I feel like," she said. "I'm about to freak out. It's like important, I'm going to be super late. I cannot be late for their game. Their game only lasts like 30 minutes."

Messer seemed to feel like the timing made things worse given that MTV was there filming when her stress hit overdrive.

"Every time MTV is here something has to happen," Messer said while off camera. "Every time!"

The new season of Teen Mom 2 looks like the explosive mama drama is going to be hitting an all-time high. Earlier on Monday, MTV released another clip from another one of the show's featured mamas, Jenelle Evans, as she attempted to defend her actions from that controversial altercation between her and Nathan's girlfriend, Jessi. Check out the video here.

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Be sure to check out the season premiere of Teen Mom 2 on MTV at 9/8 c.

What was your reaction after seeing Leah Messer's emotional meltdown?


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