Teen Mom 2 Star Javi Marroquin Reveals Details About The Heartbreaking Moment He Told His Son About Divorce

Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin has spoken out about the heartbreaking moment when he told his stepson that he was getting a divorce from Kailyn Lowry.

"Yeah it was hard to see [Isaac] like that, but he does have his own room at my house," Marroquin said. "He's doing a lot better now."

When Javi was asked if he thought he rushed into marriage with Kailyn, he said: "I don't regret marrying her. Maybe we could've waited a little bit longer. I kind of feel like all our friends always say, 'You're only 19 years old, you guys haven't seen life yet.' But we got married and everything was great. Our marriage, it wasn't always on the rocks. We did have a lot of fun, she was my best friend...So I don't regret marrying young or marrying her period."

While Javi maintains that there were good times with Kailyn, their shared history isn't going to be enough to bring them back together.

"There's nothing that can be done, said, heard, whatever," he said while discussing the possibility of reuniting with Kailyn. "I think we both know that it's just too much."

Check out the video of Javi Marroquin discussing the divorce here.

During the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, the fans were shown the heartbreaking moment when Javi first returned from deployment and the divorce news was broken to the kids.

Kailyn's son, Isaac, was totally devastated by the news. The 6-year-old is Kailyn's son from a previous relationship, and he was confused and disappointed to hear that he may not have his own room at Javi's new home.

"I don't know if you're going to have your own room at his house," Kailyn told her son. "I think if you go over there you can stay in Lincoln's room. I don't think you're going to have your own room babe.

Learn more about Teen Mom 2's tearjerker episode here.

What was your reaction to hearing Javi Marroquin's details about breaking the news of the divorce to his kids?


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