'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Sparks Speculation of Rekindled Romance With Chris Lopez Following Flirty Post

Is Kailyn Lowry back with her ex, Chris Lopez? Teen Mom 2 fans wondered about the former couple's relationship status when they noticed Lopez was spending time with Lowry during her Hawaiian vacation with co-star Leah Messer and their kids. After Lopez posted an Instagram photo Monday revealing he was in the same location as the MTV stars, fans immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion, assuming Lowry flew him out.

"You brought that deadbeat Chris on vacation," one Twitter user accused, while another chimed in: "Disappointed that Kail let Chris come on their family vacation. She'd NEVER allow Jo or Javi to do the same."

But by Wednesday, Lowry grew tired of the rumors and swiftly shut them down during one of Lopez's Instagram Live videos.

(Photo: Instagram / @chrisxlopez)

"Listen, let me tell y'all something," she joined in, grabbing his phone. "I'm so sick of y'all saying that I pay him to do this...He paid for himself. I didn't know he was coming-out here...I paid for me and my kids and that is it."

While Lowry was slamming social media trolls, Lopez was having a bit of fun, teasing her and even gushing over Lowry's looks while chatting with fans. He even teased her on camera, telling fans, "She's rubbing my feet, y'all." She laughed and protested, "No, I am not!"

Just when fans were sure the two were back together, Lopez made sure to mention that they were just friends. "I don't think [fans] like me and you being friends, being cordial," he told Lowry. "The fact that we get along, people hate it."

Their Hawaiian live-stream isn't the first time they've gone Live together recently. In June, they hopped on Instagram together to share a video just a few days after Lowry admitted she wanted another kid, a baby girl.

The friendly relationship between Lowry, 27, and Lopez, with whom she shares 20-month-old son Lux, hasn't always been that way. In April, the Teen Mom 2 star told Us Weekly that they weren't in communication and that things with him were "horrible."

"I don't have any expectations whatsoever," she said. "I literally don't even know what to think at this point. I can't change his mind. I've walked in my truth."

She said she's no longer waiting for him to commit. "I've ruined other relationships for him and then it didn't work out. So at this point, I can't convince him of what he's done to me," she said. "I've stuck around long enough."

In a season 8 episode of Teen Mom 2, Lowry said that Lopez inquired about Lux for one of the first times once he saw that they were on a trip to Hawaii. "Chris texted me. Chris saw that I was in Hawaii and now all of a sudden he's asking where his son is," she said. "But before I came here, he never asked me one time how his son is doing," she continued. "So now he wants to know and now all a sudden he wants to see his son this week while I'm here. That's horrible."

"Legit, in seven months, this might be only the second time he's asked how his son is or where his son is," she said. "Oh, he posted a picture of him and the baby in my bed, that was when the baby was a month old and he just posted it the other day. Like, please don't be an Instagram dad, because that's what you are."

Along with sharing Lux with Lopez, Lowry also has two other children from previous relationships: 7-year-old Isaac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, and 3-year-old Lincoln, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.


Teen Mom 2 will return in the fall on MTV.