'Teen Mom 2': Kailyn Lowry Accuses Ex-Husband Javi Marroquin of Dating Her for Fame

Kailyn Lowry is not holding back when it comes to dragging ex-husband Javi Marroquin!

In Monday's Teen Mom 2 Season 9 reunion finale, Lowry took to the stage alongside co-star Leah Messer to answer questions about their dating life, where she revealed some interesting allegations against her former husband.

When asked by an audience member if being on TV made it more difficult to date, Lowry revealed she now doubts why her ex-husband was interested in the first place after learning he was cut from appearing on a True Life show before meeting her.

"Javi definitely did," Lowry said of men looking to cling on to her fame. "Because he got picked for a different show on MTV before he met me, and the girl said, 'No,' so it's like, so convenient that he's running into me at my job at the mall."

While Lowry didn't want to name the woman Marroquin was involved with on the True Life show, she explained, "It was for a True Life show about getting back with your ex, and she didn't want any part."

Marroquin wasn't on stage to defend himself, but the accusations definitely left host Nessa Diab feeling some kind of way, telling the ladies, "It's rough out here. The struggle is real."

The former couple, who share 5-year-old son Lincoln, have been working through their issues when it comes to co-parenting, regardless of the shade either party might throw on TV or social media. But after reading some nasty messages from Marroquin's new girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, with whom he recently welcomed son Eli, that relationship appears to have taken a stall.

"She was angry," Marroquin defended of his girlfriend's angry texts, adding that while they didn't exactly plan to welcome a newborn last year, it wasn't not planned.


"It wasn't planned," he explained. "We hung out, we had a good night, and then the next day we talked about possibilities of what could happen. We just kind of said, 'Let's see what happens.'"

Photo credit: WeTV