Jenelle Evans Defies Police During Welfare Check, Spotted With Numerous Pill Bottles

Jenelle Evans may be on thin ice with the law after refusing to allow police into her home during a preview of next week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

When a sheriff's deputy knocks at the reality star's door to conduct a welfare check on the two kids who live with her — Kaiser, 3, and 1-year-old Ensley — Evans is having none of it. (Evans has another child, 8-year-old Jace, over whom her mother Barbara has custody.)

"There is nothing I did," she says in the clip, refusing to answer. "I'm so sick of this bulls—. I've been here at my house, not worrying about no one. I haven't hit no one. I haven't threatened no one."

Husband David Eason ends up answering the door, to which the officer tells him, "Someone called wanting a security check on some children."

It's upon hearing this that Evans shouts back, "Go call CPS!" and Eason slams the door in his face.

Assuming that it was Evans' ex and Kaiser's father Nathan Griffith calling for the check, Eason goes off.

"I'm going to beat his motherf—ing a— is what's going to happen," he threatens. "Let me get ahold of Nathan. I'm going to bust his motherf—ing head open."

During the clip, keen-eyed fans were quick to spot more than a dozen pill bottles on the couple's counter. It's unclear what the medicine is for, but Evans has been open about her bipolar disorder diagnosis in the past, and revealed that Eason also battled cancer in 2013.

Regardless of the medicine's purpose, many fans criticized the couple for keeping it within easy reach of their kids, or expressed shock at the sheer quantity of pills.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.


Photo credit: MTV