'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans and David Eason Still in Legal Hot Water After Court Hearing

Jenelle Evans went to court on Tuesday, virtually of course, as she and husband David Eason are still battling it out with Eason's ex-girlfriend, Olivia Leedham. Last November, Leedham filed several legal issues against both Evans and Eason after she claims the two not only posted nude photos of her on the internet, but that they tried to ruin her reputation and name at work after leaving false reviews. After the six-part-lawsuit Leedham filed, Evans filed a Motion to Dismiss.

Tuesday's hearing was to decide whether Leedham wanted to continue moving forward with the lawsuit, and while she will with most, she's decided to drop one against Evans. According to documents obtained by The Ashley, the charge of "Defamation: Libel Per Se" states that "David and/or Jenelle caused injury to [Olivia's] reputation by making false and defamatory statements concerning Olivia, notably that she is unfit for her current practice of business, that she has abortions recklessly and uses them for birth control, that she has a continuing alcohol problem, that she assaulted David, that she is promiscuous...and generally unsuitable and unfit for motherhood."

Out of the six issues stated in the lawsuit, Leedham dropped five, including the posting of a nude photo, using her name for their gain, and posting private texts between Leedham and another man on a public platform. The one she has chosen not to drop is Issue No. 4, which is the one that states the couple using websites like Yelp and Facebook to post false reviews regarding her haircutting skills.

The former Teen Mom 2 pair were under the assumption that if they did not use her last name in their complaint, that she would not be able to take legal action against them. However, they quickly learned that's not the case. "David and/or Jenelle operate under the mistaken assumption that if they do not include Olivia's last name that they escape liability for vicious, assaultive and defamatory statements that they have published as false, or acted with reckless disregard for their truth or falsity at the time of publication."


In one of Evans' complaints via Facebook in which she tagged Leedham's salon, she claimed that she was writing it on behalf of her friend who wasn't familiar with how to leave reviews. She started the review with, "DONT GO HERE!!!!" and continued to accuse Leedham of not having a license to cut hair and that she's making false accusations about Evans and Eason.

According to the outlet, Evans and her attorney attempted to get Issue No. 4 dropped but Leedham refused to drop it and the judge refused to approve the dismissal. Therefore, it's currently pending and Leedham is seeking $25,000 in damages for the defamatory statements allegedly made by Evans and Eason.