Barbara Evans Refuses to Attend Jenelle Evans Wedding in 'Teen Mom 2' Finale

While things went surprisingly smooth on Jenelle Evans' wedding day during the Teen Mom 2 finale, tension between the bride and her mother Barbara Evans still loomed over the happy day.

Jenelle had spoken before about her decision not to invite her mother, saying she didn't want any drama on her big day. The two are rarely in the same room without some kind of fight breaking out, whether it be over Barbara's custody of Jenelle's 8-year-old son Jace or Jenelle's relationship with husband David Eason.

The day of the wedding, Jenelle brings up her mother to her friend while getting ready.

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"I wish I could have a mom there," Jenelle says. "I have no family coming, just friends."

Jenelle says she didn't invite her mother to the wedding because she refuses to accept Eason as part of the family.

In another part of town, Barbara elaborates on why she doesn't like her daughter's new groom.

"David has alienated her from me," she says. "She has chosen David over her own family and that's just how it is."

When her friend suggests she make nice with Eason and allow Jenelle to have split custody of her son Jace, Barbara says she won't do it.

"I'm not getting along with David. I will not," she says.


"Then you'll never have a relationship with Jenelle," her friend responds.

"Then I won't, will I," she says resolutely.