David Eason's Mom Defends Him Against Child Abuse Claims

David Eason's mother is speaking out against the accusations that the Teen Mom 2 alum beats wife [...]

David Eason's mother is speaking out against the accusations that the Teen Mom 2 alum beats wife Jenelle Evans and her kids.

Mary Jo Eason clapped back in The Hollywood Gossip Tuesday after Jenelle's mom Barbara Evans repeated her accusations that David is violent with both her daughter and her two grandsons on the first half of the show's reunion, even claiming that she fears one day he could kill her.

"I don't like to comment on all of this because someone will be there to tell me they know more than I do about my own son!" Mary Jo told the publication, adding, "My son does not beat Jenelle or boss her around! He doesn't beat the children!"

She then addressed Barbara directly, saying, "Barb you know he doesn't! Tell the truth and shame the devil! You should be trying to help your daughter and her family."

Mary Jo also claimed that Barb is manipulating viewers of the TV show, saying, "You never say anything nice. ...You hated David from the start ... you would rather be on that stupid show then (sic) be a loving parent and grandmother!"

She also claimed that while she is there with Jenelle and David's three kids "every week," she claimed that their 1-year-old daughter Ensley "doesn't even know" her other grandmother.

"How can you keep right on saying horrible things about my son? They are happy and you can't stand it! I'm so sick of so many lies!" she continued. "Our children and grandchildren don't deserve to be pawns in your nasty games!"

The grandmother ended with a plea for sympathy, saying "I've always been nice to you and your daughter and your grandchildren. How about try to put love and understanding and help in their lives. Family and love for your family is all that matters. Please be honest and stop your vendetta."

"All of you that keep saying things because you just think them should search your heart and soul and stop," she concluded. "David is my son and I know him better than all of you that don't!"

Jenelle and her mother have been at odds for years after Barb won custody of her 8-year-old son Jace due to Jenelle's substance abuse issues. In the last year, however, things have gotten even more dramatic, with 3-year-old son Kaiser's father Nathan Griffith and Barbara claiming that the toddler has shown up with bruises he's blamed on David.

In addition to numerous Child Protection Services visits Jenelle has complained about in the past, Griffith is currently pushing for custody of his son.

David, meanwhile, was fired from the MTV reality series in February after going on an offensive homophobic rant on social media. Jenelle has since been resistant to film without him, and is reportedly in the middle of contract negotiations with the network prior to filming the next season.

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: Instagram/Jenelle Evans