'Teen Mom 2': Chelsea Houska's Ex Adam Lind Returns After 2-Year Absence

He's back! Adam Lind, the ex of Chelsea Houska and the father of her oldest daughter, is making his return to Teen Mom 2. He was on a two-year hiatus after stepping away from the show. Since his exit, Lind has been dealing with legal matters along with a positive test for meth. Lind makes his debut in the ninth season and to no surprise, causes quite the stir in Chelsea's life. A clip teasing the upcoming episode shows him embracing his daughter, Aubree, following one of her little league games.

Chelsea can be heard saying, "Oh my god, I'm uncomfortable."

The split and parental rights fight was pretty ugly. Chelsea gained full rights to their daughter in January of 2018. Shortly after doing so, Chelsea even changed her daughter's last name to her husband's, Cole DeBoer.

Earlier in the year, Adam violated the custody agreement to the anger of Chelsea and her husband. Aubree was visiting her grandparents - Adam's parents - when he stopped by. Cole quickly came by to retrieve her and bring her back home.

"This is a f–ing joke," Cole said to Chelsea when describing the scene. "We had already talked and said that she wasn't going to be there if he was there."

The relationship between Cole and Chelsea has been complicated because of Adam. On a positive note, Cole did share in March how Aubree referred to him as "dad."

The big moment came in a note she wrote to him.

"She did!," Chelsea shared. "She saved those fortune cookies and she wanted to show Cole so she wrote a note and she said, 'I'm Going to write a note saying: to Dad.' Because she knew he'd like it."

That being said, Cole still hasn't legally adopted Aubree. There was a discussion about the subject in a previous episode in which Aubree said she would like that, but then backpedaled when she asked if that would mean Adam wouldn't be in her life.

Cole is willing, though, if it ever gets to that point.


"If she asked me to, I'd do it in a heartbeat," DeBoer interjected. "But I don't wanna hurt her feelings."