'Teen Mom 2': Charity Offering $10K to Help Find Jenelle Evans' Dog's Body After David Eason Killed It

David Eason is still facing loads of public pressure after he murdered his family's dog, Nugget.

Eason, the husband of recently fired Teen Mom 2 personality Jenelle Evans, is now being pressured by California non-profit Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, who wants answers about the dog's death.

The charity organization has posted a series of heated attacks on Eason, including one in which they offer $10,000 to anyone with information about Nugget's remains.

"No arrest has been made, even after finding out he not only shot Nugget - but slammed her neck into the kitchen table, and beat her almost to death. They claim that Nugget's body has not been recovered. But it was stated that she was shot next to the forest by their home," the organization alleges. "We are offering a $10,000 reward to the person that contacts our foundation with the whereabouts leading to finding the body, or can hand over the body to authorities. We hope that other organizations will contribute to the effort to provide incentive to bringing about justice."

Eason apparently killed Nugget after the dog snapped at the couple's 2-year-old daughter, Ensley. The disgraced former MTV personality posted video of the snapping incident, but it was still seen by the public as a vast overreaction on his part. The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation alleges that this incident is a warning sign of more violent behavior ahead.

"The video we posted yesterday of Eason shows how unstable he is, and that action needs to be taken," the organization wrote. "He is a ticking time bomb, someone who does this to an animal will go on to hurt others, and he has the weapons to do so. This man needs to be arrested and removed from society. Companies like MTV funding and spreading messages that this behavior is acceptable should be blasted and put on notice."

"Please sign and share our petition, demanding that an arrest be made today. $10,000 reward to the person that provides us with the information on where Nugget's body is buried. We need to continue to exert pressure."

The organization followed up their message a few days later when MTV fired Evans for her complicity in the matter. They bashed Evans for not pressing charges against her husband, but were proud their efforts had some effect.

"When we remain silent about the abuse and oppression of children and animals, our silence makes us complicit," the org wrote. "While David Eason may never be held accountable for his actions, the money that bought him those guns, and the show that brought their family fame, is gone. There were over 200,000 signatures on the petition we created, which was sent to authorities and MTV, demanding action be taken.

"Thank you to everyone who took a stand. And while nothing can be done to take that moment of suffering away - it is the way we speak out that in the end brings about justice."


Eason and Evans have not responded to the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation's campaign as of press time.

Photo Credit: Alo Ceballos/GC Images