'Teen Mom 2': Briana DeJesus Reacts to Rumors She Broke off Engagement

In late May, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus announced that she was engaged to Javi Gonzalez. Recently, some of DeJesus' social media behavior has made some fans wonder whether the two have split. But, the reality star set the record straight, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

Fans suspected that DeJesus and Gonzalez had broken up after the MTV personality seemed to delete traces of her fiancé from her social media pages. Ashley's Reality Roundup reported that DeJesus deleted the TikTok video that featured her proposal montage. Additionally, the two reportedly unfollowed each other on Instagram. But, during an interview with Celebuzz, DeJesus said that there's no cause for concern when it comes to their relationship status.

"I was going to stay silent on this… and I even ignored this when it first popped up last week as I laughed it off," she told the publication. "But since it's coming up again that Javi and I are no longer together, with reports even aiming to investigate 'what went wrong,' I feel compelled to speak up." DeJesus went on to say that she and Gonzalez are "100 percent together" and that they're "happy." She also explained that her fiancé recently upgraded her engagement ring and shared a text that she received from him in which she showed off the new bling.

"In fact, he went to the store to upgrade my ring today. You can see in the text where he says that he loves me and 'the wedding bands that go with it for after we're married are so fire,'" DeJesus noted alongside the screenshot of the texts that she provided to Celebuzz. "So yes, we're together, very much in love, and engaged." The Teen Mom 2 star was also asked about the lack of photos of Gonzalez on her social media accounts. She clarified that she "never" posted any photos of him in the first place.


"There NEVER were," she explained. "They were only on my IG Story. All of these 'social media stalkers' who claim to 'know so much' should've been able to pick up on that and, in addition, should know that an Instagram Story post expires in 24 hours (thus they would be deleted after the 24 hour period)." DeJesus announced her engagement to Gonzalez in late May by sharing a montage of photos and clips from her relationship. The montage, which she captioned with "My Forever," ended on a photo of her engagement ring.