Tarek El Moussa Reveals His Opinion on Ex-Wife Christina's Boyfriend Ant Anstead

Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa had some nice words for Ant Anstead, the British TV host now dating his ex-wife, Christina El Moussa.

"I think he's a really nice guy, to be honest with you. I know he has kids. I know he has a TV show," El Moussa told Entertainment Tonight on June 12. "My kids talk about him and I've met him a few times and he seems like a really nice guy."

Anstead and Christina began dating in late 2017, about a year after she and El Moussa split. The couple was married for seven years and have two children, 7-year-old daughter Taylor and 2-year-old son Brayden. Anstead also has two daughters from his previous marriage.

"I am very confident with who I am and what I built and what I've accomplished and the life I provide for my kids, and I don't see any man creating any jealousy for me," El Moussa told ET. "I do believe in myself and I'm very confident in that."

El Moussa said he is dating, but is not in a serious relationship. His relationship with Christina is still "going well."

"The kids are all that matter," he continued. "The best thing that came out of the divorce for me was becoming the best father I ever thought I could be. And I enjoy every single moment when I have my kids."

Despite the split, El Moussa and Christina still filmed new episodes of Flip Or Flop for HGTV. The seventh season shows there is still some tension between the two between hints of the chemistry they still have.

"It's still not perfect. We are a divorced couple," El Moussa told ET. "We have our moments where we do disagree and there are emotions involved, you know? And we just have to deal with it. You kind of have to roll with the punches."

While things have gotten better with Christina, El Moussa admitted to Dr. Drew Pinsky in April that the divorce was an "awful" period. It did not help that much of it played out in public.

"Let's just be honest, it was awful," El Moussa told Pinksy. "I mean there was more PR about our divorce than any divorce I think I've ever seen. I mean it was wild, on every single magazine, on every news outlet, it was just beyond me."

El Moussa has also faced physical challenges in his life. In 2013, he fought thyroid and testicular cancers. In May, he said he suffered a back injury, making it hard for him to walk.

"I've had a lot of different struggles in my life," El Moussa told Pinksy in March. "Financial struggles, personal struggles...just a whole lot of struggles and I feel like I'm finally in a place...like I was so broken after everything I went through, literally broken, that I was devastated. I could barely walk I was so broken as a person after going through all the trauma and the divorce and all these different things."

In the meantime, Christina is enjoying time with her family and Anstead.

"[Ant Anstead] is an amazing dad to his children and also great with mine, driven and talented, humble and kind, patient and a great listener, fun and hilarious, spiritual and to top it all off he's hot AF," Christina wrote about her boyfriend on his 39th birthday in March.


New episodes of Flip Or Flop air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Photo credit: Facebook/Christina El Moussa