'Survivor: David vs. Goliath' Will Reportedly Feature Live Proposal During 3-Hour Finale

Survivor fans will see a finale on Wednesday unlike any other they've seen in the show's storied past — in the form of a proposal.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

TMZ reports that production staffers working on Survivor: David vs. Goliath's season finale received an email over the weekend with some last-minute changes. Production sources told the news outlet that the staff was "instructed to make some last-minute accommodations" for the three-hour finale episode.

While it's unclear who will be the one to pop the question, some staff members think it could be Nick Wilson, who is currently in the final six and who has a longtime girlfriend.

Survivor faithful may hope that the proposal goes down between Alec Merlino and Kara Kay, who likely developed a romance after the show ended and who also broke their nondisclosure agreements in the process. Earlier this year in May, after Survivor filming had wrapped but before the season aired, Merlino shared (and then deleted) a photo with Kay on Instagram, violating the nondisclosure agreement contestants are required to sign and risking a $5 million fine.

Merlino captioned the photo of himself and Kay, with their arms around each other, "F— it," fueling rumors that they were on the show and in a showmance. Now that viewers know for sure Merlino and Kay were on the show, many wonder if they're the lucky couple who will be getting engaged during Wednesday's finale.

Executives reportedly banned Merlino from attending the finale, but many wonder if there's a loophole to welcome him back in a big way — like with a proposal, for example.

Kay and Wilson remain in the final six, along with Davie Rickenbacker, Mike White, Alison Raybould and Angelina Keeley. Gold Derby ranks Wilson as the most likely to win due to his partnership with fan-favorite Christian Hubicki, who was narrowly ousted last week in a 3-2-2 vote, as well as his other good relationships with fellow contestants. The site also ranks Kay as another likely champion thanks to her fly-under-the-radar strategy.

Survivor host Jeff Probst says to expect a "fun" and "jam-packed" finale episode with "great gameplay still to come."


"It truly is up in the air. There is no clear favorite," he told Entertainment Weekly. "There are lots of ways this could play out. We rarely get such an evenly dealt hand, and it makes for a very fun finish."

The Survivor season 37 finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 19 on CBS.