'The View': Sunny Hostin Reveals Husband Manny's Parents Have Died Due to COVID-19

The View co-host Sunny Hostin revealed on Friday's episode that her in-laws both died of COVID-19. The talk show host explained that her husband Emmanuel Hostin's parents passed away over the holidays, and her family is still grieving. Hostin believed it was important to share the reality of this loss with viewers to drive home the pandemic's severity.

"After speaking with [my husband], he felt that from a public health standpoint that it was very important for me to share that we are deeply saddened that Manny lost both of his parents over the holidays," Hostin said, trying to contain her emotions. "He lost his father on Dec. 28, and he lost his mother on New Year's Day, both to COVID. They were both physicians, and they were both very careful. They didn't celebrate Thanksgiving with us because we all decided it wasn't safe. And after a lot of contact tracing, we still don't know how they contracted this virus."

"COVID is devastating, and while my kids and Manny's siblings, Helen and Carlos, are in deep grief, we want everyone to know that you may think you're healthy and you won't be impacted, but you may be an asymptomatic carrier," Hostin went on. "You could put someone you love at risk. So please, I beg of you, social distance, wear your mask, wash your hands, and if you get the opportunity to take this vaccine, take it."

Hostin made sure to thank the nurses and doctors that treated her in-laws, saying they provided "incredible care," but "despite all of that, they didn't make it." She also thanked her co-hosts on The View for supporting her through this tragedy and giving her a platform to share this message.


Hostin also revealed that her husband has now taken the coronavirus vaccine, though she did not reveal which one he got. She said that he had no adverse reaction and is on track to get the second dose on time, while she is eagerly awaiting an available dose for herself.

Some see Hostin's public endorsement of the vaccine as the most important, actionable part of her statement. The U.S. has struggled to reach or maintain widespread adoption of public health measures throughout the coronavirus pandemic, including social distancing, suspension of public events and face masks. Conspiracy theories about the vaccine are running rampant as well, so any adoption by a trusted public official helps. So far, the vaccine is available to nursing home residents and medical workers in most states.