'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Reportedly Loses Custody of Kids: Here's Why

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is no stranger to controversy. But her latest flare-up amid a [...]

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is no stranger to controversy. But her latest flare-up amid a custody battle with ex Thomas Ravenel has left the reality star without custody of her children for the time being.

According to The Sun, Ravenel filed for sole custody of children Kensington, 6, and Saint, 4, back in October 2020. He also requested Dennis only have supervised visitation with the children. The latest changes started to appear in February, with Ravenel planning a move to South Carolina with the kids over the summer, while Dennis has temporarily lost custody and reported visitation every other weekend.

"She has supervised visitation during the day Saturday and Sunday every other weekend," a source told The Sun about the reality star's situation. Dennis had filed a motion to seal the custody fight back in December, so the official reasons for the loss of custody aren't available. But as The Sun points out, Ravenel requested the change in the custody agreement after a mutual friend informed him about alleged drug abuse and neglect of the children during a trip in North Carolina.

"He informed me that he witnessed a lot of cocaine use during this trip and that Kathryn had left cocaine within grasp of the children, which he thought was dangerous," Ravenel claimed the source told him according to court documents that were released in South Carolina. Dennis denied the claims and provided a frank response. "I do not use cocaine so naturally I have not left any out for our children to access."

Dennis reportedly agreed to take a drug test, but wanted Ravenel to take one himself and pay for both. She was also hit with allegations that she had left the children alone and unsupervised, alleged by Ravenel due to an investigator he had hired to surveil his ex.

"During the time Kathryn was gone, Kensie and Saint are seen alone in front of the house. THIS IS TERRIFYING," Ravenel reportedly wrote in the court documents regarding one of the allegations.

The custody battle has been ugly from the start, a complete curveball to how the couple was portrayed during Southern Charm in 2020. Ravenel let Dennis stay in his guest home, featured on the reality show, but made it clear the allegations soured his relationship with Dennis.

"I could not and cannot ignore the accumulation of evidence that Kathryn continues to put our children in harm's way," Ravenel wrote in the court documents, according to The Sun. "Kathryn cannot be allowed to play Russian Roulette with our children's lives."