'Southern Charm': Kathryn Dennis' Friends Worry Thomas Ravenel's Influence Will 'Ruin' Her Life

Kathryn Dennis' friends fear she may be heading down a worn path of troublesome behavior after her disappearing act and explosion at pal Danni Baird on last week's Southern Charm.

On Wednesday's episode of the Bravo show, Baird revealed how hurt she was by being told to "f— off" by Dennis to Naomie Olindo and Eliza Limehouse, accusing Dennis of having "a general trust problem with everybody."

"She just made a comment that was hurtful. It was absolutely ridiculous," Baird said of their last conversation. "I have already versed what I feel. I sent her a text, 'You just spit on our friendship. I hope it felt good.' I could've just brushed it off, but I'm not going to be anyone's doormat, and I want an apology. And that's that."

The recent behavior, paired with her dating life and financial decisions, definitely had Olindo feeling nervous too, asking the ladies, "The way that she turned on Danni like that makes me question, has she really changed?"

Limehouse, who grew up as part of Charleston's society class before her parents' divorce in 2016 and father Chip's alleged love child threw everyone for a loop, had special insight into Dennis' behavior as she tried to get back on her feet after ex Thomas Ravenel was arrested on allegations of sexual assault.

"I remember the Kathryn that I knew even before her and Thomas first got together. She was so nice, sweet and innocent," Limehouse told the other two. "I feel like being with a guy like Thomas, I know this from living with my dad, you get a little overshadowed because they are the big dogs."

"Dad and Thomas are definitely a type. When they're in the room, they are the center of attention," she continued. "It's hard to be with someone like that because you're kind of standing there like, 'Oh here I am too.'"

It's precisely this, she revealed, that had her worried for Dennis as she dealt with the possibility of a tense legal battle over the custody of her children with Ravenel — Kensie, 5, and son Saint, 3.

"I've seen what my dad's life has done to us, and I've seen what Thomas' life has done to Kathryn," Limehouse warned. "It gets to you and will ruin your life if you let it."

Southern Charm airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


Photo credit: Bravo